You are worried about how he behaves?

Is he pulling a leash?

Is he barking all the time?

He doesn’t like other dogs?

Is he Chasing birds and cats?

Not responding when you call him?

Afraid of firecrackers, vacuum cleaners, hair dryers?

Jumps on everybody, bites furniture, no toilet habits?

You think he is aggressive or depressed, unfriendly or hyperactive.

Maybe just a little spoiled?

Whatever it is, Merry Puppins is here to help.

Merry Puppins Dog Training

Come so we can together find the cause of unwanted behavior.

If your dog need just a little discipline and obedience, our trainers are at your disposal.

If there are some fears and traumas that can cause serious problems in your pet’s behavior, professional behaviorists will deal with the modification of that behavior.

Everything is solvable.

Help yourself and your pet to be happier together.

Come to Merry Puppins to find a solution.

merry puppins bajka za pse sapice

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