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From personal experience, we know just how much work puppies are.

Before they get all the necessary vaccines, they must not be taken out. You also have to make sure that your footwear and that of your guests is clean and germ free of all the viruses and bacteria which the outside world is full of.

Adult and vaccinated dogs are not as sensitive as puppies just a few weeks old and not yet protected. So it’s imperative for them to live in home isolation until a vet tells you that it’s safe to start taking them out.

Please listen to your vet: do not think ‘nothing will hopefully happen’ because a day or two more at home will not harm them but being prematurely taken out could put them in a harm’s way and even seriously endanger their lives. Some of the infectious diseases that they will be vaccinated against can kill a puppy whose immune system hasn’t fully developed in a matter of hours.

The first outing

When a puppy meets the outside for the first time, it is very stressful.

All of a sudden, they find themselves in a large, open space, on tarmac, grass, ground – all never seen before surfaces, overflowing with new scents, new people and lo and behold new dogs? Cats? Birds? Traffic noises sudden and loud… And before all that – a collar and a lead. So many new things in this big world and your puppy is so very small…

It is very important for both the owner and the puppy to prepare for the first outing.

How to get your puppy used to his collar and the lead while still in the house? How to behave when a large dog approaches them? What should you absolutely not do then? How to make that first outing stress free and a wonderful new experience which will make your puppy happy and the owner look forward to the next one and all future walks?

You can get answers to all these question in
Merry Puppins Puppy Care – preschool for puppies


Between week 3 and 12, puppies are socialized: they start getting used to all the stimuli outside world has to offer and which they will face when they start being taken out. They start getting used to doing their business on a diaper, having a lead, learning basic commands: NO, COME, STOP, DROP IT. Those command can save their lives. To not run out into the street, to come when called, to spit out whatever is in their mouth that can hurt their stomachs or poison them.

Kennels rarely deal with puppy socialization. They de-worm them and partially train them to use a diaper and the rest is up to the owner to do. And if you found or adopted a puppy of a street then there is no question of having a socialized dog.

That’s why Merry Puppins is here to help.

Merry Puppins Puppy Care will carry out the socialization program in agreement with the owner. You can enroll your puppy in our preschool or bring them and attend the classes together.

Merry Puppins Puppy Care has special rooms for puppies who are going through the vaccination cycle and where they will not be exposed to other dogs, and also a part for puppies who are already old enough to socialize with friends.

Call us or come and visit us for more information.

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