You’d like a female dog but are worried about having puppies?

en choosing a family pet all sorts of factors should be considered. You should seriously consider, compare and analyse, first and foremost, your own needs and habits so your future life together can be a joy and not a collection of straining responsibilities.

Our research showed that when giving and answer to the question whether their pet will be male or female, the future dog owners were not only taking into consideration characteristics of the sexes of select breeds but also their own abilities when it comes to their pet being in heat, breeding, delivery, caring for the litter and finding good homes for the puppies. All of those are valid concerns and should be considered.

So we often arrive at the following reasons for choosing a male dog: no problems with being in heat, no risk of an unplanned pregnancy with an unknown culprit, not having to worry about being unprepared for the delivery, having no room for the nest and no time for taking care of the puppies, and what would we do with them after they are born? This is especially important if they are not purebreds with good papers so they can be a source of additional income.

Or, if the owner opts for having a female dog, spaying is a likely choice.
Merrry Puppins will very seriously deal with the issues of spaying but not as a first option but as part of the Counseling.


Merry Puppins Nursery helps the owners who have or wish to have a female dog they would like to breed but do not have the necessary conditions or a possibility to devote their days and nights to her and her puppies for a few weeks after the delivery.

A pregnant dog requires a special diet and care. The same is true for the period after the delivery not to mention the care of the puppies themselves. Sometimes when she loses her milk, they need to be fed several times a day. A constant temperature in their room has to be maintained, protection from all outside effects, taking care of the hygiene, getting them used to their bodily functions, hard food, socialization, vaccination at the right time and de-worming.

If you do not have the possibility to provide all of that and you would like your dog to have puppies, Merry Puppins Nursery is here to help.

We offer accommodations for your pregnant dog and her puppies from the time just before the delivery and up to 8 weeks, and even longer if necessary.
She could have her delivery with us, and with the assistance of our or your chosen vet.

In our specially designed nests the mother and her young will have all the comfort, health care, proper diet and constant attention and care – all of that in sterile and hygienic conditions. Using a video app on your phone, you can see how the puppies are doing at any time. Of course, you can also visit them, but you can only enter the birthing rooms in protective clothing and footwear.

The future dog owners can choose and reserve a puppy also with Merry Puppins assistance.

An exemplary puppy

Considering that weeks 3 to 12 are best for socialization of the puppies, we can enrol them in the program Merry Puppins Puppy Care.

That way the owner will be getting a puppy who already knows to do their business on a diaper, can play with other dogs, is not afraid of various sounds and objects, listens to commands NO, COME, STAY and DROP IT.

These 4 basic commands are the imperative as they can save lives. They can stop them from running out into the street, eating something not good for them, touching something that may be dangerous or not wanted by the owner.

More on this program can be found here: Merry Puppins Puppy Care

For more information about the accommodations and care of your pregnant dog and puppies, call us or come and visit us.

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