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Merry Puppins is a Dog Welfare Promotion Center.

What do we mean by welfare? If we look at the professional definition anima welfare includes both physical and mental state of the animal, in relation to the conditions in which they live and die.

An animal is in a good state of welfare when they are healthy, well fed, safe, able to express behaviour important to their physical and mental state, if they are comfortable and not suffering during uncomfortable states such as pain, fear and stress.

When we buy a potted plant, we inquire whether it likes sunlight or shade, how often it needs to be watered and what all it needs to beautify our home. Every plant has its needs, so why wouldn’t our four-legged pet? Those needs, getting to know and understand them is exactly what Merry Puppins helps our members with through education, seminars and consultations.

From that first moment, when you start wishing for a new member of your family, Merry Puppins is here to help with advice about choosing your pet. We carefully align your lifestyle with habits and needs of various breeds so that you can mutually enjoy your life together.

We teach you to understand their body language and how to most easily communicate with your dog. How to take them for a stress-free walk, how to get them to listen to you, how to make them happy, how to prevent your pet’s fears and stress.

Still don’t have a pet?

If you still don’t have a pet, a good place to start is choosing a dog who best suits your lifestyle needs, temperament, conditions and needs so that your life together can be mutually pleasurable. Merry Puppins counselling offers all the necessary information and we can help choose the right breed or adopt a homeless dog.

If you take a puppy, make sure you get all the information on how to properly socialize them. That will later on save you from all sorts of uncomfortable situations like various stress and fears from firecrackers and fireworks. You can find more information on our Socialization page.

Top experts

Merry Puppins collaborates with the best behaviouralists, vets and trainers who will with their lectures on various topic give you an opportunity to find out more about your pet and proudly be a responsible dog owner.

Some of the topics you can visit in our lectures:

  • Stress-free walks
  • Infectious diseases and their prevention
  • Flee, tick and mosquito protection 
  • Dogs and kids – introductions and friendship
  • Proper diet
  • Female dogs – heat, breeding, litter
  • Prepare your dog for winter or summer 
  • Stress and fears in dogs
  • Project ‘Yellow dog’

And many other topics.

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