Let’s make it lovely for you and your dog

Being a dog owner is a big responsibility and obligation.

Often, the rhythm of you daily routine has to be adapted to your dog’s.
You feel like going to a movie, a play or having a late night out but your dog needs to be walked before bedtime. You’d like to make an appointment with your hairdresser, a lunch date with your friends, see a gallery exhibition, go to wedding, shopping … You would certainly be more often at your gym or out being physically active but – your dog is also a good excuse. You have a dental emergency? But you cannot take your dog with you anywhere. Especially if they are a large breed.

Merry Puppins is here to help.

Our services are tailored especially for you. You can relax and enjoy all the life’s activities stress free and without rescheduling, and leave the care of your pet to us.

Forget about having to ask, again, your friends and neighbours to dog sit. Bring them to Merry Puppins and pamper yourself a little bit.
You deserve it.

You can leave your dog with us for just a few hours. On our grounds, they will have fun, take a nap, run around and play with friends. Or, if they are not feeling too sociable, they will be accommodated separately where they will have the individual attention of our staff. And you will both have a lovely time.

Dog Sitting

Merry Puppins Dog Sitting offers the following services:

  • Dog sitting for a couple of hours, half a day or a full day
  • Dog sitting in the evening hours
  • Dog sitting for weekends or holidays

Merry Puppins happily cares for dogs of all breeds and sizes.
If transportation is an issue, one of our Pet Taxi drivers will pick your pet up and return them to the agreed address at an agreed time.

For more information call or pay us a visit!

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