You don’t like leaving your dog alone?

Merry Puppins Daycare – Kindergarten for dogs is here for you and your pet.

You can drop off your pet at our premises workdays just like in any kindergarten. From 8 – 16 h or from 9-17h or as agreed. In our accommodations, you can leave your pet every working day of the month or every other week, according to your shifts and obligations.

If you do not have access to a car, there is a possibility to organize transport for your pet from your home to our premises and back.

In Merry Puppins Daycare your dog will have company, toys and entertainments. We will play with him and we can teach them a little something if you’d like. They will run around in our garden, or we’ll take them for walks. Professional dog walkers and care givers will be taking care of your dog.

We pay attention to habits and preferences of each dog.

Dogs, just like people, choose their company. With some friends they get along splendidly, with others not always so. We pay attention to their behaviour and try to provide a select company for them. Our premises have enough separate rooms where dogs can roam free, play and socialize with those friends they like best.

It will always be the way we agreed.

Call for more information or visit us.

Creche for Puppies

Merry Puppins Puppy Care offers accommodation for puppies during the vaccination and after.

Puppies, up to 6 months of age, have to be fed several times a day. Their bellies are still small and the amount of food they can ingest in one or two meals cannot satisfy their growth and development needs. That’s why they need to be fed more frequently and so they cannot be left alone for longer than 4 hours during the day.

If nobody can be with your puppy, bring them to Merry Puppins Puppy Care.
Bring their toy, their bed and the food they are used to.
Enroll them in our socialization program or puppy preschool.

Call for more information or come and visit us.

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