merry puppins bajka za pse pas koji sedi

Our best friends.

Our great loves.

Our peace and restlessness, fun and responsibility. Eyes to some, cure to many, help in need, or just a companion. They protect, guard, listen, cheer us up, smuggle and nuzzle.

They love us.

What about us?

Are we always their best friend? Do we understand them? Do we have enough time to care, love, play and devote to them?

Or our lives and everyday circumstances make us push them back, silence them, leave them alone too often, without much joy and running, playing with friends of their own kind? And when they try to communicate their needs, we find them stubborn, aggressive and just incorrigible?

Just like Mr.Banks’ kids in the fairy-tale story of Mary Poppins.

So what do you do?

Exactly what Mr.Banks did – call Merry Puppins to help! Merry Puppins is that very fairy tale, just for your dogs.

Merry Puppins will take care of them, nurture, play and teach them and educate you how to have more fun with them every day. Merry Puppins will help your friendship be practically perfect. In every way.

merry puppins bajka za pse sapice
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